This page contains the policies and guidelines by which users of Channel Wiki are expected to abide.

The Channel Wiki generally follows the Community Guidelines. These are very broad guidelines, and include:

  • Jump right in! Don't be scared to start editing, just hit the button and go!
  • Practice open-mindedness and assume good faith
  • Be nice
  • If you need help, just ask! (Our admins will be happy to help you.)
  • Don't feed the trolls
  • No personal attacks
  • Have fun!

In addition to these, Sonic News Network has established some specific guidelines, which are set out below.

Using copied material

Because of the specific licenses held by Wikipedia and Wikia, it is acceptable to use information from Wikipedia or other Wikia wikis on Sonic News Network. However, any material that is taken from these websites must be accompanied by a link to the source page. You can add the Category:Materal from Wikipedia in the article too.

Fan-made information

  • Fan-made information is tolerated, but must be confined to pages in userspace and/or on the fanon wiki. Other pages will be deleted. When making an article for your channel, or any other fanon article, you should place it within your own user page, or in a subpage of your user page. You can create a subpage by creating a page as normal at User:Username/CharacterName. For example, if User:Mewkat14 created a channel named "Mewkat Network", it would be included at User:Mewkat14/Mewkat Network.
  • Please only create fan pages in your own userspace (to signify your ownership of the page) or in a forum (to signify that it is open for editing by the community). Do not create fan pages in somebody else's userspace. Any fan pages found in the userspace of a non-existent user will be immediately deleted.
  • Fan channel pages must not have any canon categories.. You may instead categorise your fanon articles in Category:Userspace, or its subcategories.
  • You may post fanart of a channel (example: logo) that you have created, but it must not appear in any canon or mainspace article. In particular, do not add fanart of your favourite channel on that channel's page. It will be swiftly removed. You may include fanart in userspace or in the forums, but also be aware that fanart not in use on any pages is likely to be deleted.

Rumours and references

The Channel Wiki is for official information. Rumours are discouraged, and may be reverted. This may include unconfirmed details about upcoming channels or existing ones, which should not be added unless there is reliable evidence to support the claim.